Thursday, 29 June 2017

Equipment update

Tents and shelters

I've now acquired two tents, both theoretically 2 man tents, so we may only need to take one with us.

The tents, though relatively inexpensive, do not have the dreaded, bulky and plasticky, polyethylene ground sheet, instead they have polyester Oxford fabric bath-tub ground sheets, with a 3000 mm hydrostatic head, and taped seams. They also have aircraft grade aluminium poles, and not the less stable, and more brittle, fibreglass poles.

Each tent has an entrance on either side, rather than a single entrance at one end, making sharing the same tent a lot easier, and improving ventilation during hot days/nights.

Should the ground be waterlogged, I also have an additional 2 metre x 2.1 metre Oxford fabric, 3000 mm hydrostatic head, tarp/groundsheet to place under the tent, if needed.

This smaller groundsheet, can also provide a base for additional aluminium poles, to create an extension awning using another, larger, 3 metre x 3 metre tarp/groundsheet, both groundsheets, can also be used to create basic open-ended, or lean-to, Army style bashas, if nothing more is required - especially when wild camping amongst trees.

Pannier bags

I've bought a pair EIGO 21 litre pannier bags (42 litres total capacity), which use Rixen & Kaul clip fittings, along with a compatible Ibera pannier rack, and an Ibera, quick release, 17 litre, top bag.

Care needs to be taken when ordering pannier racks, as not all are compatible with bikes with disc brakes.

Yes, I'd dearly love to have bought Ortlieb panniers, but they're way out of my current price range - unfortunately.

Additional information and links

I've set up a JustGiving page, initially to help fund the ride, as we need some equipment to help us along the way

The JustGiving pages for the dementia charities are now live: 

I've also created another page, which gives a brief description of the ride, and the route, here

@inmemoryofmymum can be found on both Facebook and Twitter, so you can follow the ride there too. You can also find me on Facebook - Martyn Feather (Skippy), and Twitter - @ZkidooKreativ

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